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Getting Started

To use PRVircon in your GameMaker Studio 2 projects, import all of the extension groups and objects that don’t begin with "Test".

Then, drag the persistent oPRVirconController object into your project's first room. (You are free to rename this object if you wish.) The location of the object within the room doesn't matter.

By default, the GUI size used for the PRVircon UI will be set to the current GUI size. If you prefer that PRVircon use a different GUI size, then change the parameters of the call to _PRVirconInit (found in the oPRVirconController object's Create event) as desired.

Then, either in the oPRVirconController object's Create event, or elsewhere, build your awesome Vircon UI using the included extension functions PRVirconJoyAdd and PRVirconBtnAdd. Finally, customize their look and behaviour using functions such as PRVirconBtnSetLabel, PRVirconJoySetDeadzone and many others!